6 of the Finest 7 Passenger Autos On The Road

By Bill C. Sheers

I remember when I was a kid Did you parents of your friends parents have one of those old school Station Wagon's? You know, the one's that had wood paneling on the outside and 3 rows of seats on the inside? 3 rows of seats was amazing. Other than a van, no other vehicle could accommodate this many people.

Then came the SUV and the Minivan and it pretty much made the wagon flat-out go away. Even the cool features like the duel action tailgate that flipped down like a pickup truck and swung open to the side, went away until the Honda Ridgeline truck re-introduced that feature in 2006.

Here was the problem: the Minivan had a lot more room than the wagon and was easier to load passengers in and out of. The SUV was higher off the ground, which more and more people were beginning to like. They also really looked good and gave the people the preservation that they were safer in the SUV. Given those issues, the wagon got pushed out.

If you need room, an SUV or a Minivan could be for you. Check out these popular models:

The emergence of the SUV -- It was awesome. You could have this huge vehicle and think you own the road. Gas was, what, .9 cents for crying out load? Well, things have changed, but people really do still need the room, so an SUV is a practical form of transportation.

Chevy Traverse -- This 7 passenger vehicle, not quite as big as the Honda Pilot, gets high marks. Its V-6 is powerful and very fuel efficient.

Honda Pilot -- The Pilot cam out in 2003 (to replace the Passport) and was always rated high from the start. The newest version came out in 2009 and did not disappoint. They come in 2WD or 4WD and have a Variable Cylinder Management system for better gas mileage.

2010 Highlander -- It comes in a 4 cylinder, 6 cylinder and a hybrid version. It seats 7 and has been a favorite over the last several years.

The Minivan -- The Dodge Caravan takes credit for the first Minivan to hit the streets back in the 1980's. They were hugely popular form the beginning and have not slowed down a bit. Though they jokingly have the "Soccer Mom" stigma, many people of all ages drive these very useful and practical vehicles.

Honda Odyssey -- Again, ranked in the Top 3 since in came out. With its full captain's chairs in the 2nd row, comfort and fuel efficiency are great benefits of the Odyssey. Look for a redesign of this great vehicle in 2011.

Town and Country from Chrysler -- Great concept of being able to fold all 7 seats flat into the floor without having to take them out. You do give up a little comfort in those seats, but it is pretty cool none the less, especially if you tend to do a lot of hauling.

Sienna -- Toyota's minivan offers 4WD and is always rated toward the top. It is going to be redesigned for 2011 so look for the most recent info on their website.

Although everybody seems to looking for fuel efficiency these days, people do need the space for 7 or 8 passengers. The vehicles above are definitely some of the best and should help get you started in your search.

Check out the cars/trucks above. It will be a good start for you. - 30321

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